For 15 years

we have been helping

our partners to achieve

goals on time

We are a transport and forwarding company existing since 2003. Our main specialty is international transport, mainly on the territory of the European Union. Out of gauge cargo is our specialty. We operate in accordance with the provisions of the Polish Transport Law and the International CMR Convention.

Cargo insurance is critical for us. The goods transported by us are insured for 300,000 EUR. Highest quality of our services is confirmed by the constantly growing number of satisfied customers.

Our fleet of vehicles consists of 22 tarpaulin sets, 3m high,

and 20 semitrailers for out of gauge cargo

JANG is a well-specialized and dynamically developing company that provides services in the road transport sector. We offer services for both large and small companies.

Since 2003, we have been gradually expanding our fleet and we are opening to new destinations, thanks to which we have traveled almost all over Europe, reaching the most unusual places. Through many years of experience and knowledge, we are ready to meet the challenges posed by the transport industry.

Highly specialized transport route

Our main specialty is international transport. We offer transport services throughout Europe, in particular:

  • Germany,
  • United Kingdom,
  • Benelux countries,
  • Scandinavian countries.

The JANG fleet is equipped with a modern GPS satellite system that precisely determines the position of each vehicle 24 hours a day.

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United Kingdom

We have many years of experience on this route.


Standard and out of gauge cargo domestic transport

Baltic region

Thanks to our location, we have easier access to countries from the Baltic region.


We have many strategic partners from Germany.


We have many years of experience on this route.

Industry specializations

Each industry has its own specificity and standards, which require the use of appropriate solutions in transport. That is why we try to adapt our services to the needs of clients in many market segments. Our people have many years of experience in many industries, in particular in the construction and carpentry industry.

Many years of experience combined with a wide range of specialized trailers allows us to carry out the most demanding tasks for our partners.

The first office at Svobodna Street - year 2011

Our Story

Family Bussines

The history of the transport and forwarding company JANG is a true family history. We believe that trust is the basis of successful cooperation. This is why the  trustworthy people forms our company. We strive to make our clients see in JANG a reliable partner that you can always count on – like in a family.

Many years of experience in the transport industry have taught us that people are the key to successful business. What unites us is passion. JANG is made up of experienced specialists who find fulfillment in what they do best – in transport.

First Truck

When in 2003 we started from a small office and one semi-trailer truck, we knew that hard work and the right decisions would allow us to spread our wings in the transport industry. This is why we pay special attention to our first truck, from which the whole JANG story began.

For many years, we have been a reliable partner of many serious enterprises and organizations. You can trust us.

The first semi-trailer truck - year 2003