All semitrailers with the BDE system

More possibilities, lower costs

Quick load and unload

Quick, side-rolling tarpaulin; sliding, hydraulically lifted roof and rear doors allow for quick loading and unloading.

Increased loading area

The BDE system allows maximum use of the entire load space of the trailer, making it easier to load non-standard goods

Simple loading from the top, side and back

The innovative construction of semi-trailers with the BDE system enables efficient loading on each side of the semi-trailer.

BDE Means 28% More Cargo

An innovative system of loading and unloading


All JANG semitrailers are equipped with ramps for transporting heavy machines.

Quick side-rolling tarp

Fast and efficient loading and unloading process.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors up to 3.4 m wide.

Sliding roof

Facilitates loading and unloading from the top.

Save On Unusual Cargo

More cargo for standard price

JANG semitrailers with Back Door Extension system have 100m³ of loading space and 3m of internal height, which allows to efficiently transport unusual goods difficult to load (eg: prefabricates, construction equipment) or light goods with a large volume (eg: insulation materials). Each MEGA in the JANG fleet has been equipped with a BDE system, which means that the standard load limit up to 24t goes with the improved loading system. This solution allows for the efficient transport of unusual loads, in particular automotive or household appliances. Easier access thanks to sliding tarps, a raised roof and a sliding door up to 3.4 m allows for quick loading and unloading from the each side of the semi-trailer.

How It Works

More efficient loading and unloading process

Before loading, the columns are extended to facilitate the load of goods on the trailer. After loading the whole trailer, the columns slide down and „tighten” the loaded goods. As a result, practically the entire loading surface of the semi-trailer is used. Thanks to that, semitraliers with BDE system offers about 28% more cubic volume comparing to standard semi-trailers.

What Means BDE System To Customer

Safe transport of a larger quantity of goods

The advantage of using trailers with the BDE system is that they meet all the criteria of typical MEGA curtain trailers. Despite the advanced technology that allows to increase the volume of the semi-trailer during loading / unloading, it is still a semi-trailer that meets all safety standards. This means that goods difficult to load can be successfully transported with JANG MEGA semitrailers with the BDE system. Thanks to this, the cost of transporting a load that is difficult to load is the same as for transport using a standard semi-trailer.

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